Monday, July 16, 2007

Statistical Analysis of First Quarter Data

In my previous post, I explained my method for analyzing the presidential primary election. I was able to find the data I needed for the first quarter; unfortunately, the much more recent Q2 data is not available at this time. As soon as it is available, I will update the numbers. Here is the data for the first quarter:

PartyCandidateDonors% of party total

RMitt Romney1427339%

RRudy Giuliani1023028%

RJohn McCain897325%

RSam Brownback6892%

RTom Tancredo4791%

RRon Paul4481%

RDuncan Hunter4021%

RMike Huckabee3981%

RTommy Thompson2311%

RJim Gilmore1060%

RJohn Cox60%

Total Republican Donors36235

DBarack Obama1697131%

DHillary Clinton1517128%

DJohn Edwards961718%

DChris Dodd47909%

DBill Richardson44318%

DJoe Biden33766%

DDennis Kucinich1730%

DMike Gravel380%

Total Democrat Donors54567

(Source: Federal Elections Commission)

Draw your own conclusions, make your own judgments. These are the facts. It will be interesting to see the numbers for the second quarter, and to see a comparison of the two.

Corey Cagle

*I've written a rather lengthy explanation of why these numbers are not accurate. Read it here.

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Danny said...

Wow, great research.

I eagerly await the second quarter figures, where I expect Obama and Paul to have massive gains.